Check out a diverse array of videos, readings, and other resources from people and organizations whose work connects to our challenge topic of community tech.

Virtual Tour with Cooper Hewitt on Face Values: Exploring Artificial Intelligence
Ellen Lupton curated the Face Values exhibit with Cooper Hewitt and the Smithsonian. She talks about A.I. and how it is used in futuristic ways and how artists are using it today.

Talk | Art, Festivals, and Community
Kiana Wenzell is the Director of Culture and Community at Design Core and has over fifteen years of experience researching, planning, and executing design projects in Metro Detroit

Workshop | Conversation on Anti-racist Design
Josh Budiongan, Jenn Low, Sharonda Whatley, and Jati Zunaibi from the Design Collectives Dark Matter University and Design as Protest

Data Collection: Who, How, Why, and More
Cézanne Charles and John Marshall from rootoftwo and Noah Urban from Data Driven Detroit.

Engaging Youth
Jocelyn Chen is the founder and executive director of design connect. Ackeem Salmon is an Art Teacher at the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences and founder of the non-profit C-Project Detroit.

Change and Transformation
Dessa Cosma is the executive director of Detroit Disability Power and Shamichael Hallman is the manager of the Cossitt Library in Memphis.

Resources for Making
Carhartt Workshop, E. Warren Tool Library, and Centropolis Accelerator share their resources for making and creating in Detroit

Virtual Tour | Cossitt Library
Shamichael Hallman shares the historic Cossitt Library where he currently serves as the manager in Memphis, TN.

Akua Hill brings with her a wide range of experience including community organizing, youth development, and program evaluation.

The Power of Authentic Storytelling
Orlando Bailey is the Engagement Director for Bridge Detroit, Co-host of the Authentically Detroit podcast, & Host of Detroit's Urban Consulate

Libraries, Libraries; Libraries!
Q Goss, Shamichael Hallman, and Becca Pad discuss the importance of libraries in communities.

Intro to Illustrator
Brad Ackerman is the Associate Production Design Director at HOOK Studio and a Freelance Graphic & Web Designer.

Opportune Conflict: Moving from Dispute to Solutions
Kimani Jeffrey is an urban planner for the Detroit City Council & City Planning Commission

Partners and Teams
Panel discussion with Asandi S Conner, Ani Grigorian, and Kaylan Waterman

Start Where You Are
Wesley Taylor, Printmaker, Graphic Designer, Musician, Animator, Educator, Mentor, and Curator

Addressing Trauma in the Design Process
Sarah Miles is Trauma-Informed Designer and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Specialist

Design is Ceremony
Chris Cornelius, Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin and Founder of Studio Indigenous

Designing With Accessibility in Mind
Ani G, Community Juror

Community Tech and Mobility
Mike Mogenson and Prapti Jha, D-Ford

Inclusion and Accessibility Tips
Christopher Patten and Asher Kolieboi

Recognizing individual value and experience
Ackeem Salmon, Community Juror

Overview of The Challenge
Ellie Schneider, Design Core Detroit

Nurturing and Empowering Communities
Josh Budiognan, Community Juror

Civic Tech and the Midtown Cultural Connections Planning Initiative
Cezanne Charles, rootoftwo

State of civic tech in the community
Joshua Edmonds, Community Juror

Reimagining libraries, churches, and other community institutions to advance community connection and empowerment
Shamichael Hallman, Community Juror

The role of civic tech in communities
Kaylan Waterman, Community Juror

The role of libraries in fostering engaged and informed communities
Q Goss, Community Juror

Architecture + Planning

Popup Libraries Pilot (Article, Model D)

Education + Community Development

Guide to Humanizing School (Toolkit, Detroit Future Schools)
She advocates for us’: Social entrepreneur builds homeschooling network for Detroit families (article, Model D)
Resident Voices: How organizations are helping Detroit students stay ahead during COVID-19 (article, Model D)

Civic Tech

A Brief Introduction to Detroit’s Civic Tech Ecosystem (Article, Model D)
City of Detroit Digital Inclusion Strategy
Connect313 (Local org, City of Detroit)
CitizenLab (For-profit company, Netherlands)
Civic Tech Database (Interactive Map, Knight Foundation)
Civic Tech Field Guide (CityLab)
Helsinki City Strategy (Example, Helsinki)
Trends in Civic Tech (Report, Knight Foundation)
Girl Develop It Detroit (Local Og)
Urban Tech Leaders Need some Basic City Literacy (Article, Bloomberg)
Urban Innovation Map (Bloomberg)
Teaching Community Technology Handout (Toolkit, Detroit Community Technology Project)
Building Consentful Tech (Toolkit, Allied Media Projects)
Detroit Digital Justice Coalition
Kairos Fellowship (Local Org)
Ford Foundation (Technology & Society Funder)
The Smart Enough City (Book & Resources)
Knight Foundation (Reports)
A People’s Guide To AI (Zine)
The Cities Coalition for Digital Rights (International Coalition to protect and uphold digital rights at the local and global level)
Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition (an open network committed to making human rights work for the online environment)
Next Century Cities (Report on Detroit)
The Open Data Institute (Data Strategy)
A Civic Technologist’s Practice Guide (Book)
Automating Inequality (Book)
Race After Technology (Book)
Algorithms of Oppression (Book)


American Library Association – Trends Database (Database, American Library Association)
Anythink (Example, Adams County, CO)
The Post Pandemic Future of Libraries (Article, Atlantic)
Immigration services through local library (Example, Hartford Public Library)
Montreal Library System (Example, Montreal)
Oodi Public Library (Example, Helsinki) + Architectural profile (Article, ArchDaily)
Public Libraries’ Novel Response to Covid-19 (Article, Atlantic)
Quaranzine Library Newsletter (Example, Arlington Public Library)
How Detroit Public Library is Staying Relevant to Kids in 21st Century (Article, Model D)
Pop up libraries (Nat’l org)
Digital Pop Up Libraries
Goss, Qumisha. “Parkman Coders: Teaching Digital Natives at Detroit Public Library” Microsoft (blog); July 25 2018
Chang, Allister. Goss, Qumisha “From Availability to Accessibility: Why the Detroit Public Library Began Partnering with Coin Laundromats” Benton.
Goss, Qumisha. “Diversity, Inclusion and the Public Library” Hello World; December 2019 Issue 11.


E Warren Tool Library
Brightmoor Makerspace
Incite Focus
Carhartt Workshop