18th Street Design-Build Green Tech Hub
This team is led by Luis Ali and Tanya Saldivar-Ali.
Additional team members include Rachael Harb and Seann Lewis.

Project Summary
Our vision is to build out and launch a community tech-lab and online design-build resource portal to strengthen Detroit’s Design-Build Ecosystem. The physical hub space will host in-person workshops, and the design-build resource portal will host educational content created during the hub development and beyond.

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Crosstown Connection
This team is led by DaTrice Clark and Ian Klipa.
Additional team member includes Jacob Saphier.

Project Summary
We aim to service the Morningside community and aid in closing the gap caused by the digital divide by providing resources for connectivity. We named this project the Crosstown Connection in honor of the bus route that once ran the furthest distance across the city.

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Underground Music Academy

This team is led by Waajeed O’Bryant and Ill Weaver.
Additional team member includes Sterling Toles.

Project Summary
The Underground Music Academy (UMA) is a Detroit-based community music hub, which aims to build the future leaders of electronic music through its distinctive educational curriculum and mentorship model, rooted in Detroit’s Black electronic music legacy.

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Detroit Wind and Water at the Feedom Freedom Growers Farm

This team is led by Rukiya Colvin and Carlos Nielbock.
Additional team member includes Myrtle Thompson-Curtis.

Project Summary
This project proposes an innovative integration of appropriate technology, including a wind-and-solar microgrid equipped with a WiFi server, in a unique community setting that brings together urban agriculture, placemaking, and civic education in response to community needs for improving food security, educating about green energy opportunities and enhancing environmental resilience.

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CRD Community Technology Hub

This team is led by Amy Fanta and Sanquise Powell.
Additional team members include Sandra Turner Handy, George Preston, Boratha Tan.

Project Summary
Our vision is to create a collaborative space serving as a library, maker space, and outdoor green space near Chalmers & Seymour on Detroit’s East Side. Our space will consist of books, tablets, and laptops that can be checked out, along with 3D Printers, cameras, sewing machines, WiFI throughout, & volunteers teaching each application.




Camp Restore Detroit

Oakland Ave. Development

This team is led by Patricia Dockery and Lendon Crosby.

Project Summary
Stafford House is building a mixed-use real estate development that will feature 10 apartments and five commercial spaces. One of which is a technology training school to support workforce development in Detroit.