Designer Putt Putt Competition

Design Core Detroit is honored to celebrate the 9th edition of the Detroit Month of Design (MoD) in September. This citywide celebration of creativity will gather designers, consumers and enthusiasts to celebrate Detroit’s role as a national and global design capital. The celebration is an opportunity for creatives and the general public to experience Detroit design and showcase what’s happening in the city locally and globally.

Calling all designers, makers, and other creatives to submit ideas for the Designer Putt Putt Competition. Five winning teams will receive $2,000 to go towards the costs of their materials, delivery, set-up and take away of their installation. Additional designers beyond the winners may participate, but the costs of their installation will have to be covered by a sponsor which will be the responsibility of that team. If teams find a sponsor or chose to sponsor an installation, that design will also have to be approved by the Detroit Month of Design committee.

The goal of the installations is to broaden the perception of design while introducing an interactive and playful experience to the Festival.

Terms and Conditions Include: 

1.) Each installation must fit within a 10’x10’ space. The installations will be displayed on Thursday, September 19th during Eastern Market After Dark and on Saturday, September 28th during Light up Livernois.

2.) Designers are responsible for the build out of their design, transportion to and from each site, onsite set-up, break down, haul away and storage of their putt putt installation. This includes tranportation to and from Eastern Market After Dark and Light Up Livernois.

4.) Putt Putt installations must be able to be assembled and taken down within an hour.

Selection Process: Teams will be judged on the following criteria

1.) Innovation and Creativity

2.) Material selections

3.) Quality of Design

4.) Narrative of Design: how does the installation add to the narrative of Detroit design or Detroit’s UNESCO City of Design designation.

BONUS: Teams that incorporate inclusive design pratices are given extra credit.

Best Practices:  

We’ve selected our top picks from past Designer Putt Putt Competitions. Use them as references but push yourself to create somthing above and beyond what we have ever seen. View examples of past winning putt putts here.

Applicants are not limited to one submission. Please fill out another application to be considered for other Month of Design opportunities.

Email questions to: