Detroit City of Design Partner Call

Detroit City of Design builds on its creative legacy and culture of innovation to shape a more equitable, sustainable, and compassionate society through inclusive design. Our core values of creating accessible opportunities, establishing collaborative relationships, and building diverse experiences guide us through this journey.

Detroit City of Design has developed a collective strategic approach for partners from all sectors to promote and implement inclusive design across the city. Together, we seek to:

  1. Grow, develop, and promote a diverse TALENT pipeline that is competitive globally and can exemplify the practice of inclusive design
  2. INVEST in projects, businesses, and initiatives that practice inclusive design and foster inclusive growth.
  3. Create POLICIES in the public and private sectors that shape equitable and inclusive opportunities and experiences for all Detroiters in the revitalization of the city.

Through 2025 and hopefully beyond, Detroit City of Design seeks to grow the practice of inclusive design in Detroit in order to drive inclusive growth. Inclusive design creates the conditions for inclusive growth, which builds opportunity for all segments of the population by distributing the benefits of increases in prosperity, both tangible and intangible, evenly across society. In Detroit, inclusive growth is driven by the people and businesses that represent the diversity of its communities; design practices that place people at the center; and economic outcomes that remove barriers to participate and benefit from the city’s growth.

We invite you to consider how your organization can help activate these strategies by sharing current projects or projects that are on the horizon that encompass the priorities and values mentioned above. Detroit City of Design partners will help shape the initiative, find local and global connections that help advance their work, and be recognized for their contributions to moving the vision for Detroit City of Design forward.

Criteria to be a partner:

  • Believe in the vision
  • Commit to our values of diverse experiences, collaborative relationships, and accessible opportunities
  • Have a current program or project that aligns with at least 1 of our 3 strategic approaches - developing talent, encouraging investment, or improving policy for Detroit design
  • Want to share their program/project on the City of Design platform
  • Agree to report on their activity annually as part of a citywide benchmark of Detroit’s design community

To apply, please fill out this brief application which will be reviewed by members of the Detroit City of Design Stewardship Board.