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18th Street Design-Build Hub: Live Mural Painting & Light Show

AGI Construction / Detroit Future Ops

Detroit Future Ops will collaborate with long-time Detroit graffiti artist Sintex, Seann Lewiscom, and Garage Cultural/Art on the Block, to create a live mural exhibit and light show on the garage workshop adjacent to the 18th Street Design-Build Green Hub.

Attendees will be invited to watch and share experiences as Sintex paints the mural during the week of September 6.

The mural reveal will take place on Friday September 10, and will be celebrated by bringing the mural alive with a light show using projection mapping.

Attendees will get the chance to speak to Sintex and collaborators as they showcase their work and celebrate the mural’s theme: Preserving Culture and History Through Art & Design.

The workshop garage overlooks Stanton Park and will connect community learning to the park to the hub.

Once in operation the garage/workshop space will be used for green workshops for local residents, and to demonstrate the use of solar panels and weatherization techniques. This space will be used as a conduit community space to support the local resident’s and local businesses.

The mural will celebrate local culture and provide a visual representation of a changing neighborhood and connect design-build businesses with the local community.

09/06/2021 - 9/10/2021
noon - 10:00pm
18th Street Design-Build Hub
1326 18th Street Detroit, MI 48216