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College for Creative Studies, Community Arts Partnerships


Community Arts Partnerships, a program of the College for Creative Studies, collaborates with Detroit community organizations to create art and design education, experiences, and resources for local youth and families in support of individual and community development


20 in 2020

The College for Creative Studies presents “Community Arts Partnerships: 20 in 2020” celebrating its 20 years of collaboration with Detroit communities. As part of Month of Design, the exhibition will be open to the public virtually in September 2020. The exhibition will include two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and interactive pieces. These will include photographic and written documentation of CAP’s many community arts programs and projects, student artwork, info- graphics and interactive displays. The exhibition will be heavily youth-focused with many young student artworks.

CAP is, at its heart, an arts and youth development program. It provides free art and design classes and public art programs co-created with Detroit communities and delivered in Detroit neighborhoods. Its impacts spiral beyond the boundaries of the art room and positively affect not only the Detroit youth participating directly, but the families, institutions, and communities with whom the CAP program and its participants engage. CAP is an important partner of many of the neighborhoods and peoples that define the City of Detroit, playing a creative role in the resurgence of Detroit’s neighborhoods.

Information relating to virtual tours and events around the exhibit can be gleaned from the Eventbrite site for this event.



September 10-30

Category: Exhibition

Topics: Community, Inclusive Design

Type: Virtual