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Albert Kahn: Creating the Modern World

Albert Kahn Legacy Foundation

“Albert Kahn: Creating the Modern World” celebrates the work of Albert Kahn (1869-1942), Detroit’s most important architect of the first half of the 20th century and the world’s foremost industrial architect of his day. Kahn’s work enabled the creation of America’s modern industrial enterprises, created iconic office and civic buildings, and inspired the streamlined modernist designs that followed. The exhibit tells the story of historically significant architecture and design that has stood the test of time.

Using text and numerous photos, the exhibit shows the innovative genius behind the design and building of many of Detroit and Michigan’s most iconic structures–from the automotive factories of the early 20th century, such as the Packard Plant and Ford’s sprawling Rouge complex, to numerous Detroit landmarks, including the Fisher Building, the Detroit Athletic Club, the Belle Isle Aquarium and Conservatory. During the height of the Art Deco period, Kahn designed the former General Motors headquarters, the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House, and many buildings on the University of Michigan campus, including Hill Auditorium and the Carillon Tower.

Event partners are Albert Kahn Associates, Inc., The Fisher Building/The Platform, and The Kercheval Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors.

9/1/2021- 9/30/2021
Open during business hours and weekends
Fisher Building
3011 W. Grand Boulevard Detroit, MI 48202