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All of the Above


“All of the Above,” is an exhibition that challenges the minimalist concept of ‘less is more,’ featuring artwork by Kaylie Kaitschuck and Toomas Toomepuu. Both artists bombard maximalist energies to mix and mash a chaotic assortment of symbols and materials until the work itself has its own narrative and history. More is more. The synergy between both Kaitschuck and Toomepuu’s artwork creates an overwhelming, disoriented environment to reflect the intense feelings throughout the past year, as a reaction to this shared experience.

Kaylie Kaitschuck is an artist living and working in Detroit, Michigan that creates Utopian-influenced mixed-media artwork inspired by myth, fantasy, and dreams. She is a 2021 MFA graduate of Cranbrook Art Academy in Fiber and Textile Design, and has her BFA from College for Creative Studies.

Toomas Toomepuu utilizes digital fabrication, found objects, and unconventional materials to explore world building through furniture. Combining, remixing, and dissecting these materials creates playful tensions in the work like absurdity/functionality, scarcity/overabundance, and digital/analog. He is a recent graduate of College for Creative Studies, and recipient of the 2021 CCS Redmond Design Vision and Excellence Award. Toomepuu was born in Rhode Island, he currently resides in Detroit. His affinity for exploring and painting abandoned spaces, found materials, and piecing together into different structures in his youth, has evolved into the fabrication of furniture and sculpture.

The exhibition will be on view through October 9th, 2021.

7:00pm - 10:00pm
2845 Gratiot Avenue Detroit, MI 48207