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Web Model Dot Space | Aaron Jones, Waajeed, and Wesley Taylor

Talking Dolls

Web Model Dot Space is a suspended, bell-like dome that graphically represents the interior of an existing Detroit church as a floating, immersive, performative venue. Viewers become active participants as they enter the overhanging structure and become enveloped by its phenomenal nature.

The environment incorporates looping tracks composed by musical luminary Waajeed. Entitled “Worship Tones,” the music is derived from legacies and experiences within the Black Church and therefore both draws upon and inspires certain religious themes. The mash-up of musical scores within represented, existing architectures is meant to stoke a deeper and more critical engagement of both elements.

Web Model Dot Space becomes an entry point, or portal, to critical dialogue around how existing spaces can facilitate visionary use. Our everyday built environment is filled with static, ancient architectures and institutions that symbolize a kind of permanence. The viewer steps inside this shift in place; an experience that prompts consideration of how inclusive these sites have historically been in terms of diversity of people, methodologies, and thinking. Project interpretation is provided by Wesley Taylor via his essay ‘Referendum at Play’.

The exhibition will be on view on the following days from 1-4pm

9/11/21 & 9/18/21
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Talking Dolls
7145 E. Davison Detroit, MI 48212