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Simone DeSousa EDITION


Simone DeSousa EDITION, adjacent to our art gallery of the same name, offers visitors the experience of Contemporary Art + Design in the form of a curated ever-changing selection of limited editions that are both collectible and accessible.

Displayed in a flexible, scalable presentation system that transforms over time, the art + design objects on view in EDITION express the space’s connection with Simone DeSousa’s art gallery, and additionally set out to follow the visual and creative shifts that mark the growing art scene and market in Detroit in its current transformations.

EDITION invites our visitors to experience a wide variety of limited editions, including vessels, jewelry, concept furniture, prints, media, and publications, by both emerging and established Detroit artists and designers, as well as from selected national and international creatives. In addition to staging actual encounters with contemporary Art + Design, EDITION is a platform for conversations about art practices and theory, and seek to further collaborations with local educational institutions in art and design.


Simone DeSousa EDITION is pleased to present ARCADE, a collaborative installation by Elise DeChard and Fernando Bales, activating the gallery and courtyard as a dynamic Design Month destination for the second consecutive year. Serpentine concrete forms weave through the space punctuated by furniture pieces. Cast from ready-made corrugated irrigation tubes, the rippling surface of the concrete arches offer tactile engagement. The whimsical installation invites visitors to wander in to commune, reflect, or simply be. Installation will be on view through October 12, 2019.

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Saturday, Sep. 14th


6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Simone DeSousa EDITION

444 W. Wills St., Unit 111, Detroit, MI 48201

Category: Exhibition