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Other Work, The Artist Village


Arts-based design and advocacy consultancy, exploring how architecture and city building promotes liberation and justice through spatial agency.


Artist as Developer, Transforming Places Through Social Infrastructure

The event will be a curated exhibition of alternative, arts-based models of development and urbanization. A panel discussion will explore case studies, typologies, strategies, and implementation. Architectural models, drawings, photographs, and other artifacts will represent the process and outcomes for equitable, arts based development and architecture at various scales and locations. The curated case studies will highlight local developers and artists, as well as other examples in rust belt states.

This collective work will provide an educational framework for implementing development strategies, promoting land ownership for local/small scale entrepreneurs related to creative disciplines and the arts. Our hope is to inspire more artists and designers to apply these strategies, work with local zoning ordinances to advocate for policy change, and raise awareness of the importance of preserving artist ownership over both intellectual and physical land property. A few of the case studies include The Artist Village, Manistique Community Treehouse, Assembly House 150, Cruft Street Commons, and Radiant Hall.



Tuesday, Sep. 15th


5:30 pm – 7:00 pm



Category: Talk

Topics: Architecture & Interiors, Community, Urban Planning & Landscape Architecture

Type: Indoor