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Donovan Dewberry, WeWork


I’ve spent the beginning years of my studies and career embarking on my first love, fashion illustration. Fashion has always been my leading inspiration and expressing that with drawing and painting will always be significant in my career endeavors. Fashion Illustration pushed me to bring my illustrations to life, which lead me to picking up in Fiber and Textile Design. Being able take my own fiber and textiles designs and translate them into garments that reflect me as a fashion illustrator and designer. I have been able to apply the knowledge and skills I have acquired from Illustration and Fibers to Fashion Accessories. This allowed me to develop creatively by designing accessories that support my garment work. Illustration, apparel, and accessory design are the three pillars that have anchored my ability to bring my creative vision and voice to pass. This has definitely been whats most fulfilling and exciting for me. And I can’t wait to share that excitement with you!


Atelier Detroit

This fashion show will be featuring the garments that are going to be spot lighted in the installation. With the show, viewers will be able to experience both facets of my brand. A world between fantasy, high-end glamour, and accessibility. After the virtual premiere of the show, there be a short designer discussion to follow hosted live from Wework. Our discussion will be covering my collection and installation. In addition, the discussion will also feature the input of other local designers/artist to speak with me in regard to the current and foreseeable state of the fashion industry.

Installation on view beginning Sept. 1st – 30th (time ticketed entry)



September 1-30, Virtual Event September 12


Virtual Event 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



6001 Cass Avenue Detroit, MI

Category: Experience, Installation

Topics: Product - Fashion - Makers

Type: Indoor, Virtual