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Michigan Opera Theatre

Sublime transcendence is the sweet effect of BLISS, the soul-soothing paean by acclaimed Icelandic multi-disciplinary artist Ragnar Kjartansson.

Borrowing from the finale of Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro, in which Count Almaviva pleads for—and ultimately wins—the Countess’s forgiveness, BLISS replays these three minutes of the opera with the same cast and same orchestra without pause for twelve hours. Creating the feeling of an eternal looped moment of repentance and grace with some of the most heavenly music Mozart composed, BLISS is a staggering artistic achievement.

Sold out in New York and Los Angeles, BLISS appears in Detroit as a community experience for listeners to come as they are and come and go as they please. This recreation of Kjartansson’s original performance features singers in period costumes on the traditional set. BLISS will mark the first live performance being performed in the historic Michigan Building Theatre since its conversion to a parking center, breaking a fifty-year performance hiatus in the space. Re-staged by MOT Artistic Director Yuval Sharon, BLISS reflects the overarching theme of this season: music possesses the power to heal; it can hold us eternally in forgiveness and grace.

12:00pm - 12:00am
The Michigan Building
220 Bagley Street Detroit, MI 48226