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Breath of Fresh Chair


Breath of Fresh Chair –

One man’s trash is another’s treasure. When a project left 48 Eames chairs disassembled for the seats and backs, the frames were left as remnants to be disposed of. The chairs themselves are a design icon – from an arts perspective, who doesn’t know the Eames molded plywood chair? But without the molded plywood, is it recognizable as an icon?

The installation repurposes the frames and creates a composition where people can engage in the subjects of sustainability and adaptive re-use. This sculpture allows observers to walk around and within it, to contemplate the connection between nature and the built environment. Prompting viewers to consider the endless possibilities of what things were meant to be and how they can be something else. Inspiring one down a path that only an art installation can take them.

9/1/2021 - 9/30/2021
Dequindre Cut Greenway Trail @ MDNR Outdoor Adventure Center
1901 E. Atwater Street Detroit, MI 48202