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College for Creative Studies


The C-Project was started in Paris, France in 2017. Now here in Detroit, the objective is to keep the momentum going in building a generation dedicated to civil duty.

Jamaican Detroit based artist currently studying photography and fine art at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. Internationally recognized for his work, Ackeem has exhibited his artwork at places such as Galerie Josephe in Paris, France, the Val de Vie estate in Cape Town South Africa, Sotheby’s Auction house in New York, and a list of other prominent galleries and venues. As a multidisciplinary artist, Ackeem is an experienced violinist, having experience playing the flute, viola, cello, piano, and the harp.

Through his passion for classical and theatrical music, he over time has developed a love for orchestra and musical composition. Among his artistic endeavors, he is also driven by his passion for law, biopolitics, and philosophy of ethics. Often he puts this in his active role of arts advocacy and politics. He is the founder of the C-Project which aims to bridge the gap of communication between older and younger generation through youth collaborative art. Ultimately based on his research, findings, and personal experience he uses them in his original fine artwork and musical compositions.

C-Project Detroit (The Creative Collaborative Community Project)

Under the theme of “Involving Detroit Youth and the Arts in Building the Future of Detroit,” this event is done in the form of an interdisciplinary concert programing and exhibition with current students of Detroit School of Arts, Alumni, Local Detroit Musicians and Talent, and College for Creative Studies Students. With orchestra performances with dance, to the visual arts with music and dance. This event is about the celebration of the arts in its entirety.

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Friday, Sep. 20th


7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


The College for Creative Studies Taubman Center 11th Floor

460 W Baltimore St., Detroit, MI 48202

Category: Exhibition