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Woodbridge Neighborhood Development


Woodbridge Neighborhood Development is the nonprofit community development corporation operating in the Woodbridge neighborhood of Detroit. WND’s activities include rehabilitating vacant and abandoned homes; stewarding vacant land; operating community walking and biking programs; programming our neighborhood park; and representing the needs and wishes of local residents in citywide planning discussions. WND partners with residents, local businesses and churches, other community-based organizations, our local library, the City of Detroit, and the funding and philanthropic community to move community-driven plans and ideas and ensure the health and stability of the neighborhood for the benefit of all. In early 2020 WND completed an extensive resident-driven participatory planning process to create design guidelines for infill housing and to guide the future of three key development sites in the neighborhood that are now under community control.


Community Engagement in Neighborhood Design

From pizza parties and block club dinners to e-surveys and sticky-dot exercises, this exhibition illustrates various engagement activities undertaken to develop the Woodbridge Neighborhood Development & Design Guidelines. It walks through the workshops, development concept activities, and visual preference surveys used to gain insight into design elements prioritized by residents. The Design Guidelines publication is also part of the exhibit.

The exhibition is designed to provide a template for residents and community development organizations in their efforts to influence design in the development occurring in their neighborhoods. It reinforces the importance of the community’s voice to designers and developers in the City of Detroit who are modifying or adding to a neighborhood’s existing built environment. The exhibit shows that community engagement isn’t just a “check box“ it can be fun, informative and lead to a better end product.



Thursday, Sep. 17th


7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


The Giraffe Building. We will have a timed, limited ticketed event plus a virtual component for wider reach.

3530 Grand River Ave., Detroit MI 48208

Category: Exhibition

Topics: Community, Inclusive Design, Urban Planning & Landscape Architecture

Type: Indoor