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Community + Mixed Use BrainStorming Design Workshop

Personal Apportion Dwellings (P.A.D.) - Design Think Tank LLC

As Society begins to find itself back to normalcy after COVID, Architects and Designers face an incredible challenge as they re-create a new way of living for the future and this is where P.A.D. has found it’s roots. Come and take part with us to co-create the Future of Housing. During this event you will have the opportunity to participate in a Design Workshop to define what will be the best way this Mix-Use Warehouse redevelopment could serve the community. What business you think are needed? What services should this community offer to our neighbors? What type of living units/arrangements are missing in the community? Answers to these questions along with many other ideas will shape what this building could be to support the continued improvement of Southwest.

PAD Shell 001
1600 Beard Street Detroit, MI 48209