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Creative Boost – Uday Dandavate

College for Creative Studies is pleased to present the Afternoon Creative Boost, a new online speaker series. This series is for students, faculty, alumni, partners and friends of CCS. Infuse your afternoon with a quick blast of inspiration and conversation, featuring short talks led by some of the most influential leaders in creative and rapid growth industries.

Topic: Humanity’s need for empathy and creativity 
The pandemic has given us the opportunity to re-image the future with a fresh set of values and perspectives. Uday believes that the design of a new future will be inspired by curiosity, compassion and creativity.  The impetus for design must come from a commitment to care for each other. Uday will share insights gained from four decades-long experimentation that has led him to develop a practice of co-creation. This journey has taken him from designing products in the early years of his career to his current focus on inspiring social imagination. From conceptualizing form, to crafting stories that inspire design.

Our guest Uday Dandavate used the lockdown period to write a book of poems, “a window for a home without walls: life, imagination and design”.  During this talk, Uday will also explain why he considers poetry writing an important tool for cultivating design sensitivities and share his ideas about design activism for driving change.

About Uday Dandavate
Uday Dandavate is an Author, a design activist and ethnographer of social imagination, Uday Dandavate is also CEO of SonicRim, a San Francisco based design research company specializing in co-creation. He has traveled extensively around the world, studying and connecting with all kinds of people and cultures, and watching and perhaps participating as they change over time. In his professional capacity, as well as through blogging, teaching, speaking, and facilitating, Uday provokes fresh perspectives that help to humanize technologies and democratize design. His book of poems, “a window for a home without walls” is receiving wide recognition as a book that heals and evokes hope during the pandemic.



Thursday, Sep. 17th


3:00 pm

Category: Talk

Type: Virtual