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Wareologie, Poco Labs, TrendAble


Wareologie designs innovative products to restore independence and empower people with disabilities. Poco Labs is an industrial design firm that provides critical support and development for a wide range of firms. TrendAble is an online fashion blog that supports people with disabilities to look and feel their best.


Design for ReAbility

Good design can deliver independence and confidence to a broad range of people who face visible or, what we might call, invisible disabilities.  In our Design for ReAbility forum we share what happens when human-centered design meets the challenge of taking a new idea and turning it into a sustainable enterprise.

Over 50 million Americans (including 20% of Detroit residents) have physical disabilities that can make carrying out simple activities like getting dressed by themselves impossible.  Building awareness of these challenges is vital to ensuring the creative community approaches new design opportunities with the empathy and respect this ‘re-abled’ community deserves.

Our Design for ReAbility forum explores the growing industry of adaptive fashion, how new trends and brands affect the industry, and most importantly how real world stories from this community might be addressed with good design.



Wednesday, Sep. 16th


7:30 pm – 8:30 pm



Category: Talk

Topics: Health & Sustainability, Inclusive Design, Product - Fashion - Makers

Type: Virtual