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Designing for Good: Tips from the Pros

ISAIC - Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center

Designers provide inspiration, not only visually and functionally, but they also have the power to be leaders in sustainability. From choices in material and shapes to decisions in assembly, designers have the power to influence effects on carbon emissions, waste production, end-of-life processes, chemical usage, and more across a garment’s lifecycle. Join ISAIC CEO Jen Guarino as we bring together industry experts Dana Davis, VP of Sustainability, Product & Business Strategy at Mara Hoffman, Inc.; Colleen Hau, Director of Global Product Innovation at Carhartt; and Christian Birky, Founder of Lazlo, for a discussion on designing with sustainability in mind. The talk and reception will take place in Carhartt Workshop’s new community space, followed by a tour of ISAIC’s factory.


5:00pm - 7:00pm
Carhartt Workshop/ISAIC Factory
5800 Cass Avenue Detroit, MI 48202