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Brenna Lane (Detroit Denim) + Botanical Artist Lisa Waud


Detroit Denim Co. is an apparel manufacturer and brand that has been making jeans in Detroit for 10 years. Focusing on small batch and made-to-order manufacturing processes, Detroit Denim Co. is determined to prove that a new model for clothing production, exchange and consumption is possible, and believes that this model must be foundationally driven by sustainability and equity.

Botanical Installation artist Lisa Waud’s large-scale, multi-sensory, immersive works utilize living plants and cut flowers, exploring themes of old and new, nature as a cleansing reset, and joy from beauty. Lisa is committed to producing art events that are pointedly inclusive for collaborators and spectators, and accessible to all humans, with a focus celebrating the beauty of underrepresented and marginalized people.


Did You Try Unplugging It And Plugging It In Again?

Detroit Denim owner Brenna Lane and Botanical Artist Lisa Waud’s Month of Design installation in a New Center neighborhood park offers a space for nutritive thought upon grassy mounds, observing a flowing oceanic field of blue fabric. This installation will open officially to the public at 12noon on Sept. 4 and remain on view through Sept. 30. Visit www.lisawaud.com/detroit-month-of-design for pogramming details.

This outdoor, open-air installation uses the leftover remnants from the production of thousands of hospital gowns that were made by various cut-and-sew manufacturers around Michigan as a response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In March, when Brenna’s business had to adapt to survive the impacts of Covid19, she felt called to carve out a time and place for the rest necessary to continue forward.

As the anxiety of Coronavirus was compounded by a global movement toward racial equity, Lisa and Brenna were inspired to create a space that would support and sustain the hard work ahead.

After observing neighborhood children enthusiastically playing on piles of wood chips, Lisa was inspired to explore elements of elevation for an installation. Sharing her interest with Brenna, the two realized their common fascination with mound structures as land art and placemaking tools, and wanted to bring the experience to Detroit.

Built on lots purchased from the Detroit Land Bank, the space of calm reflection will open to the public for programing and individuals on Saturday, September 5th and remain a public park permanently.



September 5-20


Pat Lane's Park

699 West Philadelphia Street, Detroit, MI

Category: Installation

Topics: Product - Fashion - Makers

Type: Outdoor