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Sundberg-Ferar Product Innovation Studio


Sundberg-Ferar, located in Metro – Detroit, is a product innovation studio specializing in innovation strategies, design research, industrial design, user interface, ergonomics, engineering, model making, and packaging. For decades we have spearheaded the cross-category design trend by specializing in multiple categories, namely consumer products, medical equipment, and vehicles of all types.

Sundberg-Ferar’s innovation process cross-references multiple user experiences with competitors’ vulnerabilities to reveal uncontested market spaces for our clients. We exist to help our customers uniquely differentiate their products and experiences increasing their profit margins, market share, and ultimately advancing strong brands.

This creative diversity is our defining strength is a gift that allows us, with each unique project, to improve people’s quality of life and daily experience through impactful “concept-to-completion” product design and development.


Enduring Innovation: Entrepreneurs Unite!

Putting man on moon in the 60’s had a great side effect right here on earth. It led to an amazing explosion of start-ups and entrepreneurship. That “moon shot” injected a heavy dose of confidence in the common businessman, tinkerers, makers and inventors. It gave us hope to experiment and try new things.

In a similar way, catastrophic events like this COVID-19 pandemic is also, in its unique way, making people scramble to innovate and come up with better methods to solve for the new challenges we are going through. This pandemic is changing the sentiments, behaviors, sensitivities, and intentions of people. Most of these changes are probably going to stay and will alter the way we do business.

In our conference, we will get boots-on-the-ground experts in the field to shed light on this heartbeat of America – the start-up and entrepreneurial community, their passions, goals, aspirations, challenges and barriers. We will have a spectrum of start-ups join in to share their insights and perspectives, good and bad. We will have experts from accelerators and incubators chime in from their experience in coming alongside entrepreneurs through their assortment of start-up services. And of course, we will have experts in the field of design and innovation to share their successful and proven methodologies to get your idea off the ground and make it a commercial success.

Join us for this virtual conference with Design 101 presentations, Top 10 guideposts for start-ups, local start-up panels and fun elements for happy hour. It’s free but limited to 100 seats (virtually), so make sure to sign up!



Thursday, Sep. 10th


10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Category: Talk

Topics: For Designers - By Designers, Product - Fashion - Makers

Type: Virtual