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Finding Identity

Detroit Innovation Society

Designed and built by Detroit-based lighting designers and artists Reinhardt Swart and Patrick MacBride, “Finding Identity” will be on display to the public for one weekend during the Detroit Month of Design.
The art installation explores how the pandemic has shifted the balance between the interiority of our private lives and the exteriority of our public lives.
Inside a 6’x6’ box, an indeterminate array of strings surrounds a pair of kitchen shears. The scissors spin from a singular string creating strong visual tension between the string and sharp object, the latter typically meant to cut the very string that surrounds it. The box’s interior is painted matte black visually erasing the corners and creating an empty void. The box’s exterior is wrapped in Mylar reflecting the contextual environment. Nostalgic ambient music fills the room to further enhance one’s experience.
Hosted at the Detroit Innovation Society, the project will be shown in the building’s recently renovated and re-purposed swimming pool. To expand awareness of the impact design has in our local community, the Detroit Innovation Society student artist group will showcase artwork inspired by “Finding Identity” themes. Student work will be on display in the lounge adjacent to the pool.

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9/10/2020 - 9/11/2021
Detroit Innovation Society
2470 Collingwood St
. Detroit, MI 48206