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How to Build* Our Own Living Structures

9 Lots, 1+1+ Architects

As urbanists, we must preserve and create new spaces in Detroit that challenge the typical narratives around growth, land use, and development! As designers, we must nurture, reveal and bridge connections, and tell stories of our relationships to each other, to our collective land, and to nature!

How to Build* Our Own Living Structures is a celebration and deployment of structures, tools and building methods that deeply considers connections between human and non-human beings, empowering Detroiters to imagine and build their own living structures across the city.

Sited at 9 Lots in Chadsey Condon, this outdoor exhibition features installations by 8 designers and architects committed to re-thinking scales of interconnectedness, community, and kinship from the ground up.

*There will be Music & Refreshments at the opening event.

Featured Architects & Designers include:

AÄ MÄ Studio


Could Be Architecture

END Studio

Olde City Builders


Studio Patina

1:00pm - 5:00pm
9 Lots
4421 25th Street Detroit, MI 48208