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Katherine Johnson, The Kitchen By Cooking with Que


Katherine (Kitty) Johnson IV creates innovative avant-garde garments and textiles that embody socially conscious concepts that “comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable” (Cesar A. Cruz).

Katherine acquired her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Apparel & Textile Design at Michigan State University. Attending a predominantly white institution, that lacked Black representation, sparked an inherent desire to educate herself, as well as her peers, on the preeminence of Black culture. Afro-centrism regards African civilizations and culture as a significant part of the greater world and reveals the untold history of Black people. This specific movement guides her point of view on society, and reinforces her importance in the world as an African American Woman.

Katherine’s most recent accolades include; 2019 – Best In Show- Michigan State University Apparel & Textile Design Fashion Show, 3rd Place Winner- Statewide Michigan Collegiate Art Exhibition (321: Light Transfer Screen Printed Series), and Best Artistic Display People’s Choice Award- MSU Social Justice Art Festival (321: Light Transfer Screen Printed Series).



Internal Inferno

Internal Inferno” from fire to love. This exhibition symbolizes the effects systemic racism has on me, (an African American Woman), my family, and the entire black community. The constant oppression of our race has ignited a fire within me. A fire that I would argue exists in all of us. This fire symbolizes anger, rage and resentment. As well as love, perseverance and strength. Since the beginning of time we have always found a way to smile through adversity, and rise. Its with this power, of love, that we shall overcome today’s atrocities. By loving ourselves, then spreading the love to others and our communities. Embodying and creating the change we have been craving from a system that was build to keep us down. Internal Inferno is like stepping into the boiling pot that is America.

Opening Event Friday, September 4th. See event page for details and registration.



September 4-30


Time Ticketed Entry


The Kitchen

6529 Woodward Ave, Suite A Detroit, MI 48202

Category: Experience, Installation

Topics: Community, For Designers - By Designers, Product - Fashion - Makers

Type: Indoor