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Invoking the Spirit: Detroit’s Black Bottom

Detroit Historical Society

History x Design is a collaborative project between the Detroit Historical Society and Design Core Detroit to develop a replicable and scalable exhibit model that allows city residents and visitors to experience Detroit’s history in public spaces. From this rich partnership, Invoking the Spirit: Detroit’s Historic Black Bottom was born. The experience is a multi-layered walking tour of Detroit’s historic Black Bottom neighborhood seen through the lens of former residents and their descendants. Invoking the Spirit draws people back to place, excavating little known narratives and providing context for contemporary Detroit. With the help of partners including Octane Design, Black Bottom Archives, and others, Invoking the Spirit: Detroit’s Black Bottom is using community engagement, technology, and design to invoke the enduring spirit of a once vibrant community. The Detroit Historical Society wishes to thank the Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan for its generous support.

5:30pm - 7:30pm
Lafayette Plaisance Park
1592 Antietam Ave, Detroit, MI 48207