Kids Clubhouse

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Inspired by childhood treehouses and forts, and embracing the collaboration and camaraderie associated with a club, Kids Clubhouse will allow young people to design their own spaces in new and unique ways. Clubhouse Kids will be an inclusive experience where anyone interested in learning about design, architecture, 3D printing, and the built environment is welcome. Our two workshop series will introduce young people to robotic construction techniques, provide hands-on interaction with a robot, introduce them to a simple design process, and allow them to explore their own creativity. We will begin by exploring space together as we use found objects and 3d printed artifacts to define space, much like a child might use a sheet and two chairs to define a den. Along the way, we will give each participant an opportunity to move a real 6-axis industrial robot in our safe and supervised space. The culmination of the workshops will be an open house at the Citizen Robotics build lab, where we will share our process of developing the first 3D printed home in Detroit, our vision for the future of building technology, and showcase the completed clubhouse structure that was designed by the participating kids and teens.