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Morphogenesis / Thread


Two solo shows open our Fall 2021 exhibition season, each pushing us to re-consider our attitudes towards materials and function; and what value objects bring into our spaces.

‘Morphogenesis’ is the first solo show for Detroit/Chicago-based designer Cody Norman. Norman transforms recycled plastic to look and feel organic and almost natural through the use of robotic 3D printing and a handheld plastic extrusion gun. The exhibition features a series of objects that appear otherworldly, branching structures that seem to embody new species of plastic organisms each with their own unique function.


‘Thread’ is a new collection by Windsor/Detroit-based artist and product designer Elizabeth Salonen, founder and principal of Mottoform. Throughout the past year, Salonen created abstract embroideries as a form of meditation and way to help with anxiety and depression. From these prototypes she created a limited edition series of embroidered patterns on canvas – each distinct pattern creates a minimalist composition meant to imbue harmony and calm into the space it inhabits. The thread is a connection, a tactile link reminding us to slow down and live in the moment, which is very healing. The exhibition features the limited edition works alongside a large collection of unique prototypes.

12:00pm - 7:00pm
2863 E. Grand Boulevard Detroit, MI 48202