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Form&Seek at Wasserman Projects


Form&Seek is a design studio that creates and curates uniquely crafted products. Each product we touch emerges from a powerful narrative and is fueled by an interest in human behavior and human interaction with objects.

We are true believers of the story behind the objects. From the first collection, we launched in 2013 to today we continue collaborating with brands, manufacturing products, do material and manufacturing research and consultancy.

Form&Seek creates a platform for international designers from diverse backgrounds to showcase their work in important design fairs all around the world. We curate shows under a certain theme each year and gather cutting-edge design works together. Experimental and thought-provoking work from diverse professional backgrounds and locations unites under fresh, and pertinent themes at each of Form&Seek’s exhibits. Form&Seek worked with over 100 designers from 25 different countries so far… An ever-evolving network of talented designers and a large collective body of one-of-a-kind work are among the imprints of Form&Seek today.


Never Normal

Never Normal is an exhibition that expresses the ever-changing viewpoint of the designer’s perspective on the built world. The future now seems inscrutable, provoking us to think of the possibilities and opportunities for change in human behaviors and our environment. Looking away from the conventional means of solving problems, the works in this exhibition seek to reexamine and reevaluate our personal relationships to our domestic landscape. Through craft or making, these designers are able to express value, preciousness, and care that offer intuitive moments of clarity on contemporary issues in response to the needs of a society in flux.

Never Normal will open virtually on September 17th and remain on view through December 31, 2020. Please register for a private tour of the exhibition.

Form&Seek is proud to present Never Normal in Detroit to honor its history as the cradle of American design and to uphold the city as a platform for new experimental design.

Featured designers include:

Aaron Blendowski, Annie Meyer, Aratani Fay, Bilge Nur Saltik, Brett Evans, Cody Norman, Donut Shop, Ebitenyefa Baralaye, END Studio(Elise Dechard, Kapish Cheema, Sophie Yan), EXTENTS, Hayden Richer, Irina Flore, Joonghan Bae, Joseph Parr, Karen Lee, Kyle Joseph, Mark Dineen, Michael Neville, Nicholas Tilma, Phoebe Kuo, Simon Anton, Studio Herron, SUBSTUDIO (Hannah Dewhirst and Ingrid Schmidt), Sunny Kim



September 17 - December 31


6:00 pm, Time Ticketed Entry


Wasserman Projects

3434 Russell Street, Detroit, MI 48207

Category: Exhibition

Topics: Product - Fashion - Makers

Type: Indoor, Virtual