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Palette Cleanser

Parini, NEXT:SPACE, Flor

Parini plans to host an interactive exhibit at our studio that features work from local artists represented by NEXT:SPACE and local florals represented by Flor. We would like to welcome design enthusiasts and friends to Parini’s studio for a collaborative, art-centric palette workshop. The event will serve to acquaint the Detroit design community with Parini’s interior design process, local artisans represented by NEXT:SPACE, and floral installation process and technique by Flor. In an effort to support one another as small, independent, women-owned, Detroit-based companies, this event will serve to foster conversation with community members who have an interest in local art and interior design.

Palette Cleanser will feature five Parini-selected pieces from NEXT:SPACE’s collection which will be the foundation and inspiration for the workshop. Guests will be randomly assigned artwork and objects and will be asked to devise a corresponding material palette infused with complementary florals. Parini will offer insight into their typical finish selection and specification process.

09/03/2021 - 09/24/2021
Thurs 5:30pm - 6:30pm
1111 Bellevue Street Suite #210 Detroit, MI 48207