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Pop-up Design Demonstrations

Design Core Detroit

Four designers from the Detroit Design Network will host 60-90 minute in-person demonstrations at downtown Detroit parks during the month of September. Participating designers and demonstrations include:

  • Whispering Wall by Arcgeometer: On display September 2-4

This demonstration will feature a curved sculpture that allows people to hear each other clearly over long distances.

Designer: Zachery Belanger, Arcgeometer

Location: Beacon Park

  • Screen and Textile Printing Demonstration: September 11 at 2pm

During this demonstration participants will learn the basics of screen printing using pre-cut stencils to layer onto their own tote bag. All materials included.

Designer: Shayla Johnson, Scarlet Crane

Location: Campus Martius

  • Glasses Manufacturing Demonstration: September 18 at 3pm

During this demonstration GODNII will physically show how they manufacture a pair of glasses. The audience will choose one of three designs for them to make, by popular vote.

Designer: Ali Omar, GODNII

Location: Campus Martius

  • Mural to Panel Demonstration: September 19 from 2-4pm

This participatory demonstration will showcase how a mural is transferred from small sketch to a larger panel. The community will be able to participate in the process using a “paint by number” approach.

Designers: Kellie Bambach and Adrienne Pickett, Ciel

Location: Campus Martius

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Campus Martius, Beacon Park, Capital Park