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S.P.I.N – Sustainable Places In the Neighborhood

USGBC Detroit Region and 5203 Loraine St.

The multi-modal tour explores four sites in Detroit that are implementing sustainable strategies in their communities. Attendees will have the option to visit the sites on a self-guided tour before the actual event, sign up for a limited capacity bike tour the day of the event or watch a pre-recorded tour beforehand. The final destination will include a social distanced discussion on the sites. The proposed sites are:

• West Riverfront – Begin tour
• North Corktown Neighborhood
• Core City Park • 5203 Loraine St. – End tour

The areas of social impact our tour will address will be through the lens of sustainability and what that really means for a healthy community. The word sustainability tends to conjure images of solar panels, rain barrels, recycling, etc. While this is true, we want to expand on that term to address community implications of development, social justice, bottom-up/top-down approach in neighborhood planning, circular economy via local businesses and the effects of public health with these projects.

This tour will start at:

MoGo West Fort Street Station
801 W Fort St.
Detroit, MI 48226

It will end at:

5203 Loraine Street
Detroit, MI 48208

4:30pm - 6:30pm
West Riverfront
MoGo West Fort Street Station 801 W Fort St. Detroit MI 48226