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Sfumato Fragrances


Sfumato Fragrances makes all-natural, small-batch personal scents. We explore the world nose-first, and bring awareness to the power of scent through our products, custom scent creations, fragrant cocktails, and scent experiences.


Scent as a Design Element

Scent plays a huge role in influencing emotional responses and memories of both places and products, yet scent is often overlooked as a design element. Given the visceral nature scent can play in consumer perceptions, considering scent early in the design process is a critical element to optimizing the final outcome. We will explore how scent interacts with the brain, examples (both current and historical) of scent as a design element, and thoughts on how to incorporate scent into the design process.



Sunday, Sep. 13th


5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Category: Talk

Topics: Product - Fashion - Makers

Type: Virtual