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Science Gallery Detroit


The mission of Science Gallery is to act as a collider of art and science, and to engage 15-25 year olds in connective, participative, and surprising ways. We’ll do this by combining emerging research and ideas from the worlds of art, science, design, and technology.


Science Gallery Detroit presents Shigeto.

Shigeto. This program is in support of the exhibition, Future Present: Design in a Time of Urgency, and will be co-presented as part of the Art Electronica Festival 2020.

Artists take on pseudonyms for a multitude of reasons, but in Zach Saginaw’s case those reasons run deeper than most. Shigeto is Zach’s middle name as well as his grandfather’s name: a tribute to the Japanese branch of Zach’s family tree. Shigeto also means “to grow bigger”—appropriate, given Zach’s premature birthweight of less than a pound. Today, Shigeto stands for Zach’s vividly beautiful electronic music. Beat-driven, but given to richly textured sound design; rhythmically fractured, but melodically sumptuous, Shigeto’s music is a bridge between the past and present, bringing the artist face to face with a creative legacy that spans decades.

Shigeto will be performing a uniquely created live set specific to this exhibition, an electronic and analogue exploration inspired by the themes and ideas of the Ars Electronic Festival and Detroit Month of Design.



Saturday, Sep. 12th


10:00 pm – 12:00 am

Category: Experience

Topics: Music

Type: Virtual