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Nabeela Najjar, LTU Detroit Center for Design & Technology


Nabeela Najjar started SeamstressBee, a costume and fashion design business based in Detroit in 2016. SeamstressBee does everything from running a small alteration shop from her studio, custom commissioned garments for local musicians, created and displayed work for/in exhibitions such as The Detroit Institute of Arts and The Detroit Symphony Orchestra as well as fashion shows all around Detroit.

For more information, go to Seamstressbee.com or follow @Seamstressbeela on instagram


Softly Away

you may not be able to actually touch or take in the scent of a dream-like garden, the first-person view will get you as close as possible. With up-close detailed shots and an emphasis on sound that will keep you entranced in the moment. Toward the end of the experience, take a moment and close your eyes as you envision yourself in a safe, calming world.

Virtual viewing and talk will take place 9/4 from 7pm – 7:30pm. Installation on view Sept. 4th – Sept. 30th. Time ticketed entry, check website for registration details.



September 4-30


Time Ticketed Entry


LTU Detroit Center for Design+Technology

4219 Woodward Ave, Detroit MI 48201

Category: Experience, Installation

Topics: Community, For Designers - By Designers, Product - Fashion - Makers

Type: Indoor