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LTU Detroit Center for Design & Technology


The Detroit Center for Design + Technology is the public presence of LTU College of Architecture and Design’s transdisciplinary programs on the Woodward Corridor.

The DCDT acts as an inclusive platform for the advancement of Detroit’s educational, economic and engagement efforts with regard to design, technology and social innovation. The DCDT aligns with local initiatives, programs and organizations that foster and expand the role that design and technology play within our community, growing industry and education.


The Architecture of Convenience

Infrastructure is intended to manage networks of people and commerce seamlessly. Roads, utility systems, waterways, and transit networks facilitate the transportation of people, goods, and ideas. When infrastructure works, it remains unseen – its invisibility indicates its success. Whether through design or ubiquity, infrastructure acts as a backdrop for the theatre of daily life, facilitating action without ever being a character itself.

Curated by Gina Iacobelli, The Architecture of Convenience is an exhibition that underscores the material presence of infrastructure. Ultimately, the “invisibility” of infrastructure obscures the question who benefits from infrastructural improvements and who is hurt by their failures. Using the works of Detroit artists Toby Millman and Bridget Quinn, this exhibition explores the physical presence of infrastructure and the way it interfaces with lived human experience. Time ticketed entry, see website for details.



September 3-30


Time Ticketed Event


LTU Detroit Center for Design & Technology

4219 Woodward Ave., Suite 201 Detroit, MI 48201

Category: Exhibition

Topics: Architecture & Interiors

Type: Indoor, Virtual