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Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History / College for Creative Studies

Our Inaugural Treeposium, tree symposium, brings together notable Detroit artists and speakers to discuss themes of African Material Culture, the African American and the tree experience in Detroit. The treeposium will set a context for the d.Tree Studio student’s learning throughout the semester to situate their Detroit wood projects in inquiry. We are opening these important tree conversations to the public. Speakers and performers at the virtual fire-side chat include keynote speaker Olayami Dabls, Charles Cross, Etta Adams, Giizhigad, Fai Foen, and performers Efe Bes and Imani Ma’at. The Treeposium arises from the d.Tree Studio project, a collaboration between The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History (The Wright) and the College for Creative Studies (CCS). The project will utilize readings and guest speakers to affirm the deep connection between story making and object making and consider artistic responses in wood from felled urban trees, honoring their legacy and Detroit roots. It acknowledges that objects are not neutral, pushes back on our disposable culture, and challenges us to see the stories embedded within objects that convey the wisdom of trees through people, place and history. Hashtags: #dtreedetroit #dtreestudio #dtreewoodwork #treeposium #urbanlumber

6:30pm - 8:30pm