TWMIG: A Mural Experience

4:30 pm - 7:00 pm


TWMIG: A Mural Experience is an event and installation that is born of a larger project, To Whom Much Is Given. Each element shares a single body of goals: to connect Detroit and it's future (the youth) to the decades long legacy of Black Detroit led arts movements and arts institutions; to historicize the professional life-work of Dell Pryor and Josephine Love; and to demonstrate the impact of small business and the arts as legitimate catalysts for lasting community change and as powerful and sustainable entrepreneurial pursuits.

This entire installation is a collaboration between noted muralist, Ijania Cortez, Mission I'm Possible young artists, and the TWMIG Team. Ijania will design the mural using elements of the young artist's original works developed during their program and will paint the mural. The youth will offer their support as painters, documentarians and as mentioned, will be included via their works in the motif of the mural itself. As organizer and facilitator, the team will be curating the complementary digital language and content for the complementary QRCode, which will include BTS content of the exhibition and installation. The event will be a celebration featuring a DJ, and conversation with the artist.

Mural celebration: 4719 Woodward Ave, Detroit
Tours to the mural: 4704 Cass Ave. Detroit, MI 48201 Midtown, Cass Corridor