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Watch This Space: A Symposium on Art in Public Space


Over five days in September 2021, we will explore ideas from local, national, and international leaders and innovators working in public art. This year’s symposium will center on public art’s relationship to the natural and urban environment, as well as practices for creating work sustainably. Themes of art and sustainability include the role of artistic projects in championing ecology, environmentalism, and environmental justice. Watch This Space will critically examine the role of our arts and cultural sectors’ place in fostering more sustainable societies and how we can do that publicly, and within the creative spaces in our region. We will work to provide resources for arts and cultural organizations interested in making their own work more sustainable, as well as provide examples of fascinating public arts projects that highlight issues concerning environmental protection and stewardship. Convenings will be offered in virtual and in-person formats in accordance with the latest public health guidance.

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