FINAL SUM National Report Release

In 2017, Design Core entered a partnership with Urban Manufacturing Alliance (UMA) to have Detroit's small batch manufacturing community, often self-identified as makers, producers or artisans, included in a study about the challenges impeding growth and the equitable economic opportunities this sector presents for cities.  The goal of the research was to identify who these owners are, what's impeding their growth and what municipalities, institutions and service providers can do to help them develop into sustainable employers who help build wealth in their communities.  The Detroit City Snapshot was released in February 2018.

Now, The State of Urban Manufacturing National Report, which includes aggregated data from all 6 participating cities, is live.  Data and stories from nearly 600 firms was compiled and analyzed and several key themes emerged.  The report provides context for each key finding, as well as details of the challenges and recommended or possible solutions for each area.

For more information on how WorkforceCapital AccessCustomers and MarketsProduction SpaceBusiness Support, and Collaboration and Contract Manufacturing issues are affecting small scale manufacturers in Detroit and how these challenges could be addressed, we invite you to read more.  If your organization either currently offers or plans to develop solutions in any of these areas, we'd love to hear from you.  Please email info@ with suggestions, comments or questions related to Detroit's participation in the this study and Design Core's work in addressing the results.