Get Involved

To honor Detroit’s designation as a UNESCO City of Design, Detroit Design Core will be recognizing September as Detroit’s Month of Design to showcase Detroit’s design excellence locally and internationally. Local designers, design enthusiasts and the general public can get involved as sponsors, design ambassadors, event or happening hosts, presenting design installations and products, entering the Putt Putt or Urban Furniture Competition, or participating in Youth Day.

Applications for Month of Design 2019 will open in Spring 2019. 

Note:  As a UNESCO City of Design, disseminating calls for participation in design competitions or awards must follow the general principles set forth by the United Nations Creative Cities Network. See guidelines here.

Drinks x Design

Held in a new location on the second Thursday of every month from 5:30-8 p.m., Drinks x Design offers an opportunity for creative businesses throughout the city to open their doors and share their work with the public. Attendees come to meet new people, make connections, promote their creative endeavors and learn about other projects in their community. Event information will be released one month before each event.

We are always looking for new spaces, talent, design ambassadors and partners. If interested, please fill out the following form and someone from our team will contact you. Thanks!

Become a Design Ambassador

To honor and exemplify Detroit’s design excellence during the Month of Design, we are calling for true advocates of Detroit design to help put on our event experiences. Design advocates will serve as the Street Team, to help with promotional materials; Décor Team, to create and decorate events with low-budget installations and experiences; Day-of Team, to help to execute tasks during the larger happenings; and Drinks x Design Team, to assist with monthly Drinks x Design events.