Our visit to Graz City of Design

May is design month in Graz! Celebrating 10 years in the UNESCO network, we learned a lot from our friends at Gratz City of Design during our visit last week:

  1. Design means business: Like us, Graz is an automotive city. Good design is critical to competitive industries, which is why Creative Industries Styria works to connect members of their design network to the business community.
  2. Connecting past and present: Graz is an old city but it definitely is not stuck in the past. From the modern Murinsel Graz bridge that hosts design programming  in the middle of the river that separates old and new parts of town, to the design residency and exhibitions at the glorious Schlosshollenegg castle, new ideas build on the city’s rich legacy.
  3. Happy, healthy, harmonious city: Design is embraced as a tool for improving quality of life and bringing people together. As a member of Human Cities, Graz has developed human-centered design projects, such as public seating and a neighborhood walking track, that are shared with other cities throughout Europe.

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