Detroit Design 139 aims to educate all – longtime city residents, regional commuters, and intra + international visitors alike – on the value of Detroit’s past, present, and future design legacy.

Bedrock Detroit

Bedrock is a full service commercial real estate firm based in downtown Detroit specializing in the strategic development of urban cores. With a portfolio of more than 100 properties totaling over 18.6 million square feet, Bedrock is the largest real estate partner in downtown Detroit and has presence in Cleveland.


Detroit Design 139

Upon Detroit receiving designation as a UNESCO City of Design, Bedrock, along with the City of Detroit Planning Department and Design Core Detroit, recognized the value in establishing universal design standard for all current and future projects within Detroit’s 139 square miles. To support this goal, a Detroit Design Advocacy Committee was formed and worked to define a common vision for the future of Detroit’s built and natural environment. Resultant was the inaugural Detroit Design 139 exhibition in 2017. The first exhibition in September of 2017, showcased Detroit projects that responded to ten design principles. These principles focused on the importance of engagement, urbanity, and inclusion within the public realm, while aiming to celebrate Detroit’s design legacy and the value of design for the 21st century. The narrative of Detroit Design 139 will grow as we work toward the second bi-annual Detroit Design 139 exhibition, launching this September of 2019.

Josh Harrison
Junior Architect

630 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48226