The Brightmoor Maker Space is dedicated to building creative confidence through hands-on projects and resilient design. We are your home in Brightmoor–a shared base to reach out from, all hands on. Our work is both around the block and around the world.

Brightmoor Maker Space

The Brightmoor Maker Space is part of an ecosystem of churches, block clubs, schools and neighbors that both respond to and anticipate challenges. We strive to engender creative resiliency by Design through hands-on work and leadership skills to spread innovative design around the block and around the world.


Brightmoor Makers Water Cycle

Designed as an emergency response vehicle, the Brightmoor Makers Water Cycle is a battery-powered trike, which uses a dual water purification unit connected to a rain barrel system to capture water from roof gutters, to contend with the ongoing water shut-offs in Detroit and the lead contamination of the water in Flint. The trike is emblematic of our most important work with local and international implications for design and social impact. It is an exemplary, fossil-free vehicle whose battery can be solar charged, and can harvest and purify rainwater for distribution to residents in need. It is one component of our micro-local innovations, which also includes our upcoming design to build rain farms in Brightmoor.

Nick Tobier
Brightmoor Maker Space @ Detroit Community Schools: 12675 Burt Road, Detroit, Michigan 48223