community+public arts: DETROIT (CPAD) will share its work with Detroit communities to generate public art projects through its resident-driven design process as a model for Detroit neighborhoods.

community + public arts: DETROIT

An initiative of College for Creative Studies, CPAD brings communities and the arts together to produce high-quality public art projects and events that support neighborhoods in developing and expressing their unique character and potential through the arts. Key project decisions are made in open neighborhood meetings by community committees.


community+public arts: DETROIT

CPAD works through an inclusive design process that focuses on collaboration with Detroit artists, residents and organizations, empowering them to define and shape the projects that affect their communities. This people-centered process takes place in largely far-flung and under-served Detroit communities, making the process highly accessible and allowing residents the chance to showcase both the challenges and opportunities in their neighborhoods. Collectively, CPAD and its partners work to create public projects that address the unique community needs and prospects that will contribute to Detroit’s creative re-development.

Beyond CPAD’s community engagement process, many of its projects provide potential models for creative re-development in Detroit neighborhoods. Pavilions, stages, public seating and shelters provide an artistic infrastructure for community gatherings and events, generating further community engagement.

Mikel Bresee
Found Director
College for Creative Studies