EcoWorks is committed to enhancing collaboration among communities and their partners in the City of Detroit to create equal access to opportunity.


EcoWorks is a Detroit-based nonprofit with over thirty years of providing services at the intersection of community development and sustainability. While our roots are firmly planted in energy conservation, we have grown to emphasize all aspects of sustainable development.


Hope Park Project

The Hope Park Project is an initiative led by students at Detroit Institute of Technology (DIT) to revitalize vacant properties in the Cody Rouge neighborhood. The park incorporates repurposed and recycled materials to create an inspiring, ecological and inclusive community space. Hope Park involves more than youth input – it incorporates co-creative partnerships with the community, local organizations and Detroit professionals to develop a feasible and sustainable design. The project not only addresses needs of the community, it also serves as an interdisciplinary learning tool by involving everyone in each phase from planning to construction. The Hope Park Project brings people together, provides opportunities for learning and growing, and creates unique experiences that encourage our hopes and dreams for Detroit. Hope Park will become a model for other neighborhoods in the city that wish to transform empty spaces into creative, renewable and community-centric destinations.

Miranda Day
Project Manager
22400 W. 7 Mile Road, Detroit, Michigan 48219