Hamilton Anderson Associates commits to exploring new opportunities that enable us to contribute to the overall design community, while simultaneously collaborating and learning from our local partners.

Hamilton Anderson Associates

Hamilton Anderson Associates (HAA) is a multi-disciplinary design firm dedicated to improving the built environment through creative, contemporary design. Our design process combines rigorous analysis, intuitive curiosity and thoughtful execution to create inspiring, contextually responsive solutions.

Our firm unites and nurtures a diverse group of creative minds, working collaboratively to create compelling and sustainable projects that make lasting impacts on our communities. As a Minority Business Enterprise, HAA has evolved with emerging, dynamic leaders whose design acumen stretches across a wide array of professional design services, including planning, urban design, interior design, architecture and landscape architecture.



RogueHAA is a design and urban advocacy collaborative, and the complementary personality to Hamilton Anderson Associates. While HAA focuses on the design and construction of the built environment, RogueHAA operates outside the boundaries of traditional professional design practice through a series of grass roots and hands-on initiatives – research, education and making – geared toward engaging the community and fostering dialogue on current design issues. RogueHAA seeks projects and partnerships where our diverse set of skills and experiences can help to contribute to design and enhance spaces by amplifying the interests of the community. Some of these projects have included pop-up spaces, design installations in the public realm and various events to promote design thinking in the community.

RogueHAA also helps to develop our in-house talent by affording our emerging design professionals the opportunity to lead many of the group’s initiatives. Through mentorship and educational advocacy, our emerging design professionals will gain valuable experience in leadership while working and collaborating with the local community.

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