Henry Ford Learning Institute (HFLI)’s immersive learning experiences will empower Detroiters with the Design Thinking competencies to practice inclusive design in their school, workplace or community.

Henry Ford Learning Institute

HFLI envisions, designs and delivers programs that empower people (educators, youth, workplace learners) to become more innovative, creative and resourceful in how they think, learn, work and lead. HFLI’s approach includes Design Thinking, a collection of knowledge, skills and mindsets that can help people reframe problems and act on them.


Inclusive Design Thinking Programs

What if every Detroit student transitioned into the career of their choice and adult life thinking like a designer? Or if those already in the workforce were able to demonstrate newly acquired Design Thinking competencies as they work with teams in the workplace and the community? There’s strong alignment between HFLI’s work and Detroit City of Design’s goal of helping to grow, develop and promote a diverse talent pipeline that is competitive globally and can exemplify the practice of inclusive design. We want to empower people in Detroit across a range of sectors, economic circumstances and stages of life to be transformational agents in their school, workplace and/or community. HFLI’s immersive programs help educators, youth and workplace learners develop the Design Thinking competencies that support inclusive design, including: a bias towards thoughtful action; an ability to develop empathy for and seek feedback from the person/people for whom they are designing; a desire to identify and reframe problems; the drive to prototype and iterate; the knowledge it takes to bridge the gap between an initial idea and purposeful action; and more.

Every HFLI learning experience is an expression of our paired education expertise and design skills. It’s our thoughtful approach. The dynamic learning environments we create. And the high-quality tools and resources we make available to our attendees. 97% of participants in our 2017 summer workshops would recommend the experience to a colleague/friend.

Lisa Kreinbring
Director of External Relations
20900 Oakwood Boulevard, Dearborn, Michigan 48124