EDITION commits to providing an exciting curation of great of art + design in an accessible and engaging way, while facilitating collaborations among creatives.

Simone DeSousa Gallery

We are a Contemporary Art Gallery and EDITION Art + Design Store established in 2008 in Cass Corridor, Midtown Detroit. We have since exhibited and supported some of the best manifestations of contemporary art and design today by Detroit-based artists and designers, as well as national and international creatives.



EDITION supports excellence in design by local maker and facilitates a dialogue between local creatives and the international community. Part of our mission is to introduce contemporary art and design to a new audience through our physical location in Midtown Detroit. We are part of Detroit’s cultural center area, one of the most active areas in the city these days, which positions us favorably as an easy-to-access place to introduce visitors to the experience of art and design in Detroit. Our new combined model of Exhibitions Gallery + EDITION Store allows us to present a regular curation of accessible (and collectible) objects that represent a significant section of quality design being created in Detroit today.

Simone DeSousa
444 W. Willis Street, Unit 111, Detroit, Michigan 48201