Redesigning Main Street

With the goal of promoting resilience, inclusion and innovation in the planning of commercial thoroughfares, the Borough of Lachine is issuing a call to designers in the form of an urban design ideas competition, as input for planning of the redevelopment program for Notre-Dame, between 6e and 19e avenues.


The urban design ideas competition for the retrofit of Rue Notre-Dame in Lachine aims to stimulate innovative proposals to enrich thinking about the future of this thoroughfare. The competition outcomes will be compiled into a “handbook of possibilities” (“cahier des possibles”) that will serve as a discussion framework for the consultative process with area stakeholders (e.g., residents, retailers, elected officials, civil servants, developers) prior to the spatial planning to be conducted following the infrastructure work scheduled to be performed in the coming years.

More broadly, the competition seeks to open up space for discussion and generate interest in the vitality of Montréal’s commercial thoroughfares and their role in neighbourhoods, against the backdrop of significant changes to retail business. It is also intended to nurture thinking around the creation of resilient and sustainable urban public spaces in a post-pandemic context.

In line with the key areas of action of the Montréal 2030 Strategic Plan, proposals must, among other things, address the following specific objectives:

  • Stimulate commercial vitality along Rue Notre-Dame by proposing a distinctive experience and solutions adapted to the new realities of retail;
  • Build a robust identity that reflects the historic character of Old Lachine;
  • Propose inclusive, pedestrian-friendly spatial designs;
  • Redesign the street according to the principles of resilience by adapting public spaces to the post-pandemic and ecological transition context.


This competition is:

  • An urban design ideas competition;
  • International in scope;
  • Held in a single stage, involving anonymous proposals;
  • For selection of three winners by a jury.

At the conclusion of the ideas competition, a professional services contract will be awarded to the winners, who will collaborate with the borough in presenting the outcomes during the public consultation process. No professional services contract will be awarded for detailed design and execution. The call for proposals not a commitment to complete a design, but a process of creation and thinking.


Any firm or team comprising at least two designers, at least one of whom meets one of the following requirements, is eligible to enter the competition:

  • A member in good standing of a professional order or association in a development or design field (architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, urban design, environmental design);
  • A graduate of a university program leading to the design or completion of projects in a development or design field (architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, urban design, environmental design).

The Ville de Montréal encourages the formation of multidisciplinary teams. Competitors may partner with external consultants in developing their proposals (industrial designers, graphic designers, artists, public art specialists, designers from the fields of signage/wayfinding, territory marketing, events, multimedia, performing arts, etc.).


The jury comprises the following individuals:

  • Alice Covatta, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Faculty of Environmental Design, Université de Montréal;
  • Noémie Lucas, Economic Development Commissioner, Service du développement économique, Ville de Montréal;
  • Alexandra Pagé, Owner, Boutique Glup, and President, Association Centre-Ville Lachine;
  • Guillaume Paradis, Landscape Architect and Partner, Claude Cormier et associés;
  • Michel Séguin, Director, Direction de l’aménagement urbain et des services aux entreprises, Borough of Lachine, Ville de Montréal;
  • Anya Sirota, Architect, Akoaki (Detroit);
  • Billy Walsh, CEO, SDC Wellington, and President, Association des SDC.

No fees or allowances will be paid at this stage of the competition.

Three winners will each be awarded a professional services contract in the amount of $13,000, taxes included, to assist the borough in presenting their proposal during the public consultation process to be conducted in summer 2021.


An optional information session for competitors will take place on May 10, 2021, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. (ET). A question period will follow the presentations.

All communications must be e-mailed to the competition professional consultant at :